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Parry's Speaking, Presentations and Events

Parry Aftab is a sought-after speaker on all issues digital, from cybercrime, cybersecurity and abuse, to children, tweens and teens online, to social networking, cyberterrorism, radicalizaton, national policy and best practices online. Parry Aftab is a featured and keynote speaker at large industry events and UN conferences. She is among the leading speakers on privacy, consumer protection, cyberbullying, sexting, cyber ethics and cybercrime issues globally. For her speaking FAQs, scroll down.

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ParryAftab speaking video

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Presentations for Students, Schools and Parents

While one of her greatest joys is addressing students, the younger the better, her availability for school programs is limited to nine a year. She donates presentations in her local areas and for schools serving low-income communities whenever she can. Her presentations for parents, while receiving high ratings, must be booked together with programs for the students. For more information about her school programs check out her infographics. They are downloadable in pdf format and can be expanded from the graphics themselves.

Keynotes and Presentations for Industry, Governmental Agencies and Community Organizations

Parry Aftab addresses industry, governmental agencies and community organizations around the world. Parry has spoken twice for SXSW. She has also run programs on cybersafety for spouses of the Attorneys General at CWAG, summits with the UN, training for Interpol and other law enforcement agencies, large conferences for the Girl Scouts of the USA and events for the NY City Council, UK Parliament, the UK House of Lords, MTV, Disney, Microsoft, and the governments of Singapore and India, among others. She has testified before Congress, the US Senate, various states' legislatures, Canadian Parliament, spoken at events for the Canadian Ministers of Safety and Justice and addressed the UN and UNESCO on several occasions.

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