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Parry's Speaking, Presentations and Events

Parry Aftab is a sought-after speaker on all issues digital, from cybercrime, cybersecurity and abuse, to children, tweens and teens online, to social networking, cyberterrorism, radicalizaton, national policy and best practices online. Parry Aftab is a featured and keynote speaker at large industry events and UN conferences. She is among the leading speakers on privacy, consumer protection, cyberbullying, sexting, cyber ethics and cybercrime issues globally. For her speaking FAQs, scroll down.

Presentations for Students, Schools and Parents

While one of her greatest joys is addressing students, the younger the better, her availability for school programs is limited to nine a year. She donates presentations in her local areas and for schools serving low-income communities whenever she can. Her presentations for parents, while receiving high ratings, must be booked together with programs for the students. For more information about her school programs check out her infographics. They are downloadable in pdf format and can be expanded from the graphics themselves.

Keynotes and Presentations for Industry, Governmental Agencies and Community Organizations

Parry Aftab addresses industry, governmental agencies and community organizations around the world. Parry has spoken twice for SXSW. She has also run programs on cybersafety for spouses of the Attorneys General at CWAG, summits with the UN, training for Interpol and other law enforcement agencies, large conferences for the Girl Scouts of the USA and events for the NY City Council, UK Parliament, the UK House of Lords, MTV, Disney, Microsoft, and the governments of Singapore and India, among others. She has testified before Congress, the US Senate, various states' legislatures, Canadian Parliament, spoken at events for the Canadian Ministers of Safety and Justice and addressed the UN and UNESCO on several occasions.

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Booking Parry to Appear On-Air or for a Print Interview

Need Parry and On a Deadline? Use Her Email. Not On a Deadline, Reach Out for Her Cell Number for When You Are.

Parry Aftab is a frequent on-air expert for most news agencies in the US, Canada and many around the world. She has appeared thousands of times in print media and humndreds of times on-air. Parry has a broad range of expertise about everything digital. When not traveling, she resides in the NY metropolitan area. When traveling, in many cases, she is available through local studio feeds or via digital video feeds. The journalists she works with most often have her cell numbers, and can reach her wherever she is around the world. Her email, which she monitors personally, is If you are a booker or journalist on a deadline, call her. For her credentials, review About Parry and the Parry Experience pages. You can also learn more about her at her Linkedin profile. Many bookers and journalists make her their first call, because if she can't cover the issue or is unavailable, she will help direct them to the right person available for the hit. In recent years Parry has traveled more than 300 days a year, but is now back in the US and more available to help.



What topics does Parry usually cover in her speaking and presentations?


Parry is best known for her work in the field of cybersecurity, cybercrime and privacy. As a lawyer specializing in the area of cyberlaw, best practices, privacy and marketing, her range is much greater than others in the cybercrime and safety space. Her expertise extends to all uses and abuses of interactive technologies, from social networking, to mobile phones and devices, to interactive games, Internet gambling, digital life skills, parenting online, seniors, and seniors. They say Parry can address the risks and benefits from birth to death.. She is among the handful of experts worldwide who can tell you what kids are doing and want online. (For more information about her range of topics, visit her The Parry Experience page.)


Parry is equally in demand as a public speaker to members of the Internet and technology industries and policymakers in the field of risk management, privacy law and best practices as she is to the educational and medical professional communities on cybersafety and cyberwellness. She has covered risk management issues for the FDIC, cyberabuses for the U.S. Secret Service, and best practices for the social networking industry and telecommunications industries. She regularly covers the topics of children online, from marketing online, to their behavior online, to their safety, their preferences, privacy and future.


She is typically booked as a keynote, lead speaker or topical keynote. She sometimes will agree to moderate a panel. Rarely, she will agree to be part of a panel or merely run a workshop. (If she is already participating as a keynote, she will often agree to join a panel or run a workshop as well).  


Will Parry conduct a workshop in addition to her main presentation?


Parry will sometimes conduct a workshop in addition to keynoting or providing a lead presentation at an event. She will rarely do a workshop alone.


What groups does Parry typically address?


Parry speaks to groups around the world. The U.S. Congress, U.K. Parliament, the EU and Council of Europe, as well as the governments of Singapore, Ireland, the UK, India and Bermuda, among others, have turned to Parry for her expertise and help. Multi-national organizations, the UN and household trusted brands have engaged her to present at or host an event for them. Parry also speaks to parents, school administrators and educators, librarians and to the students themselves. (She enjoys that the most). She also speaks to and provides professional development programs for professional and trade associations and to industry groups. Parry regularly trains law enforcement agencies and briefs governmental agencies, policymakers and legislators around the world.


What are Parry's speaking fees and what do they cover?


Parry's speaking fees help support her work in cybersafety. Her travel expenses are additional. Parry has two levels of fees - one for schools and non-profit groups and another for trade organizations and commercial entities.


Her fees vary depending on the topic and logistics. All presentations are customized for the need of the sponsor.


She does programs for school administrators and educators as well as for students (including special programs for college students). To encourage schools to book presentations for students, she has special combination rates that discount her normal fees to book her to speak with parents and with students. In addition, Parry provides 10 full scholarships for school presentations each year and several partial scholarships. To learn more about the requirements for qualifying for one of her scholarships, contact us. (Note that all scholarships have already been awarded for the 2018-2019 school year.)


What travel expenses must be covered for Parry?


Parry's home airport is Newark, New Jersey (Liberty National Airport), unless she is resident at her home in Canada at the time of the event. Her preferred airlines are United and Delta.  Her local transportation to and from the speaking venue airport and to all events must also be provided, as must hotels and meals during her stay and at the speaking venue. (When the speaking event is booked, more details will be provided.) Travel costs are usually directly paid by the group engaging her services. Parry does not typically charge for local transportation in her home market (New York tri-state area), although she may require a car service or a hotel, depending on the length of the presentation or the time of the event.


Does Parry use PowerPoint materials or other media when delivering her presentations?


Each of Parry's presentations is customized for the audience and booking group and their special needs. Traditionally, she uses a PowerPoint presentation with presentations of longer than 1 hour and does not use them for presentations shorter than 1 hour. But this is not a hard and fast rule. Parry also often uses custom videos and interactive animations and tools to help convey her message. Some of these may be duplicated by the hosting group from masters provided for that purpose. Check with Parry's assistant on this issue.


Every presentation is different, it is best to be prepared for videos and animations.  Parry brings her own PC, she will need to hook up to your audio & visual system.  Parry will also need a microphone – preferably a lavaliere.


Does she provide handouts or materials for conference publication?


Parry has digital materials that can be printed by the hosting group and handed out. These include videos, as well. Duplication is made and paid for by the hosting group. Under special arrangements, she may also have preprinted materials, such as Spider-Man custom comics, posters, silicon bracelets promoting cybersafety or pins. A minimum donation must be made to WiredSafety for these to be distributed at any event.


Do you have any references for Parry from others who have booked her for their event?


Parry usually receives very high ratings from her speaking engagements, with comments such as "She is funny and engaging. I never expected to enjoy learning about privacy law." "As an industry group, we expected to be lectured to, not assisted. She knows her stuff and makes it enjoyable. We'll have her back." "When I saw her on Dateline right after booking her to speak at our event, I knew we had chosen the right person." "There is only one real expert, and Parry is that expert. If you can't book her on the date you scheduled for your event, change the date. She's that good!"