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denying your child access to digital technology is the only risk I can't protect them from.

Parry Aftab

FBI Director Mueller Presenting Parry

with The FBI Director's Award

Internet Privacy and Security Lawyer, Digital Policy Advisor, Author, Keynote Speaker, Cyberbullying Expert, Humanitarian, Charity Founder and Digital Inclusion Expert

Parry Aftab was among the world's first cyberlawyers, helping found the field of cyberlaw 25+ years ago. Since then, as a digital privacy and security lawyer, she has advised nations, UNESCO and the UN, digital and entertainment industry leaders and well-known household brands. But her real passion is empowering youth online and protecting vulnerable users. Parry has been named to and headed national and global task forces. Her keynote presentations and events receive the highest praise from industry and consumers alike.

She believes that the best time to address digital risks is before they occur. No one wants to be on the front page of the Wall Street Journal for the wrong reason. Reputations are hard-won and easily-lost.

Parry Aftab has been among the most sought-after experts and advisors in the field of digital privacy law, best practices and risk-management since 1995. Her unique insight into social media risks and how to design approaches, policies and procedures to address them is among the most respected in the world.

As the founder of the world's first cybersafety and help group 23+ years ago, she has been on the front lines of protecting children, families, vulnerable communities and consumers longer than anyone else. And what she has learned in assisting millions of digital users globally helps her anticipate risks for her clients and quickly react to address them.

Parry Aftab has appeared in more than a thousand print articles and magazines and with hundreds of TV and cable news on-air. She has written several books which have been translated and adapted internationally, including the first cybersafety book for parents in 1996.

Parry Aftab Receiving the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Child Recovery Award, with her Husband Allan McCullough


Parry has received many awards, appointments and honors from governmental authorities, NGOs and law enforcement agencies over the years. A select number of those honors and awards are set forth below. Parry apologizes to those providing her with awards not mentioned here.:


  • The US Congress formally honored her work in cybersafety in 2005. 

  • She accepted the President’s Service Award from the Clinton White House on behalf of her help group volunteers.

  • Robert Mueller, then Director of the FBI presented her with the FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award.

  • Together with her husband, Canadian child advocate Allan McCullough, Parry Aftab received the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Child Recovery Award for their efforts in bringing Amber Alert to Facebook.

  • Family PC Magazine named her as their “Internet Visionary.”

  • Her CMP Privacy Lawyer column received the coveted American Society of Business Publication Editors Gold Award for her article on the Patriot Act and corporate confidentiality.

  • UNESCO appointed her to head up its online child protection project for the United States.

  • Parry was named to the Harvard Berkman Center-administered Internet Safety Technical Task Force (the ISTTF) to advise the Attorneys General from 49 states on cybersafety issues.

  • She was appointed as one of 24 members to the National Telecommunications Information Agency’s Online Safety Technology Working Group (OSTWG) created by act of Congress to advise the FTC, FCC and Congress on cybersafety issues.

  • Her home state, New Jersey, identified her as one of New Jersey's Leading Women.

Parry Aftab is In Demand as a Keynote and Lead Speaker, Mistress of Ceremonies and Presentator on Professional Development and Digital Risks and for Schools

What Others Say About Parry

  • Parry Aftab is "the leading expert in cybercrime in the United States." - the Boston Herald.

  • Parry is "part supermom, part Wonder Woman and part Oprah." - Jules Polonetsky, co-founder of The Future of Privacy Forum.

  • “No one knows more about what teens and tweens are doing online, and few understand how to advise the industry as well as Parry does.” - Chris Kelly, Facebook’s former chief privacy officer and global strategist.

  • Parry is "a gift to parents facing the challenge of connecting their children to the Internet in safer ways." - Stoyan Ganev, former President of the UN General Assembly.

  • Dr. Phil calls her "one of the good guys, changing the face of the world."

  • Vint Cerf, the founder of the Internet, calls her the "world's most responsible Internaut."

  • “Parry was the first pioneer in the field of cyberbullying, long before anyone else recognized the problem.” Ernie Allen, former CEO, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

  • “Parry Aftab is an important partner in the protection of children from sexual exploitation online.” Cyrus Vance, Jr., Manhattan District Attorney.

  • Her book on cybersafety for parents was praised by Federico Mayor, Director General, UNESCO who appointed her to head up the US Action Committee to protect children from sexual exploitation online for the UN agency.  "I welcome this new guide by Parry Aftab. It contains important information for parents from a leading expert."

  • Joe Alhadeff, former Chief Privacy Strategist for Oracle, said “seeing Parry work with children is where the magic happens!”

Board and Advisory Positions

Household names like Sesame Street Online, MTV, Facebook, McAfee, XBox and the Ad Council have named her to their advisory boards.


Fairplay (a digital gaming policy advisor) and TRUSTe named her to their boards of directors, as well.

The US Congress named her to its Online Safety Technology Working Group, to advise on child safety online and she was appointed as one of 27 members of the Internet Safety Technology Task Force to advise 49 US States' Attorneys General. 


Parry receives invitations to join new boards and advisory boards often. But, she will only accept new board or advisory board positions for companies she respects and trusts, where she believes she can add value and contribute sufficient time. 

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Awards and Honors

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Parry Aftab has a broad range of topics she delivers to events, industry leader training and government bodies around the world. She enjoys working with K-12 students and in local schools, as she learns as much as she teaches.


Parry has been asked back to SXSW for a second time as a presenter on digital reputation management and privacy. The UN appointed her the rapporteur for its Cyberhate Conference, where she and her Teenangels presented on cyberbullying. Parry has spoken for the EU and Council of Europe, run events at the US Senate and House of Lords in England and testified for Congress, the US Senate, the Canadian Parliament and others.


She has hosted global summits on cyberbullying, designed events for others, and keynoted for industry and policy leaders' conferences. Her presentations consistently receive the highest feedback ratings from event attendees and students love her approach to teaching digital life skills, cybersafety and stopcyberbullying. 

To engage with Parry Aftab, or book her for a presentation or program, use our contact link.

Expert for On-Air and Print Media

Parry is an on-air regular for several major news and media outlets, as well as print publications. She has appeared more than 1,000 times on-air and in print media around the world. 

Parry Aftab is capable of covering a broad range of topics related to digital innovation, social media, cybercrimes and privacy, cyberbullying, digital risks and abuses and families, children, teens and vulnerable groups. While she travels extensively, when home, she appears on-camera several times a week. She appears in newspapers and magazines several times a month, on average. She is usually the first call placed by journalists, bookers and news-crews when they need help with a story because she can either handle the issue herself or can steer them to someone else who can. Use the contact link to reach her for an interview or media inquiry.