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Cyberlawyer, Digital Policy, Practical Privacy and Digital Ethical Design Advisor, Child Advocate, Speaker, Trainer, Spokesperson and Humanitarian

Parry is a cyberlawyer specializing in privacy and cybersecurity. She advises digital innovators in "digital ethics by design" to help them develop technology that better addresses human needs while doing no harm. A majority of her time is donated to helping protect people online, especially children and vulnerable users.


Parry has advised nations, industry leaders and policymakers since 1995.  Working around the globe, Parry Aftab is among the most well-respected and sought-after experts and speakers in digital risk management and globalization of digital standards. Her fields of expertise including Internet gambling and gaming, cybercrime prevention, privacy, best practices, human-centric innovation design, cyberbullying and cybersafety, community building and digital inclusion and culturalization

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Parry Aftab is a frequent contributor to Linkedin and embeds several of her posts here on her site.  It's how she keeps her users up-to-date about common sense, cybersense and nonesense.

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Keynoting, Presentations, Program Development, Spokesperson, Human-Centric Digital Policy




Parry Aftab has a broad expertise portfolio and experience making her a favorite of news organizations and has appeared thousands of times in, and been featured by, most TV and cable news outlets and print media around the world.


"Parry Aftab is part-Wonder Woman, part Oprah and part super-mom!"

Jules Polonetsky, Co-Founder

 Future of Privacy Foundation

“Parry Aftab is a true expert in responsible use of the Internet and safety.”

Vinton Cerf,

Father of the Internet

“I've seen Parry working with the kids. That's when the magic happens!”

Joe Alhadeff,

Chief Privacy Strategist, Oracle


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